Laboratory Information
Management System


Automate processes with select equipment integration, barcoding and kiosk mode in QESTLab.


QESTLab provides report templates for hundreds of methods covered in the standard library. Add to the standard library through use of an Excel extension.

Laboratory Testing

QESTLab Helps manage entire CoMET operations.

Equipment Management

Manage maintenance and calibration efforts from QESTLab.

Certification Management

Streamline accreditation efforts with staff certification tracking and storage of procedure documents in QESTLab.

Invoicing & Financial System Integration

Track quantities of activities by client and project and apply per unit cost information. Export this information to csv file to upload into invoicing and financial systems -OR- have Spectra QEST build a custom direct interface for your financial system.

Report Review & Digital Sealing

Handle the entire report review and signature process electronically in QESTLab. Use Spectra QEST’s Construction Hive for application of digital seals.


QESTLab is more than a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and quality control software package. It helps you manage your entire construction materials testing (CMT) operation and has been specifically designed for use in the construction materials (concrete, asphalt, aggregates, soils) testing industry as well as the geotechnical testing industry.

QESTLab provides you with a sophisticated, electronic data management system and replaces both legacy systems and paper-based or rudimentary spreadsheet-based recording.

Test Methods

QESTLab incorporates electronic worksheets that cover approximately 600 different test methods, including methods from ASTM, AASHTO, US State DOTs, Australian Standards, Australian State DOTs, British Standards, and New Zealand Standards.

These electronic worksheets collect all the information required by the method, perform calculations and checks, and produce test reports in accordance with the method.

QESTLab is not restricted to the methods detailed in these lists. The electronic worksheets outlined here are those that have already been developed for the QESTLab system. New electronic worksheets are added continually to the system and more can be quickly developed as a need arises.

The following are tests currently supported by QESTLab. Please click on the jurisdiction of your choice for a detailed list.

Key Benefits

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