QEST Quality Platform Used in Road Construction

Intertek-PSI, The QEST Platform and the DFW Connector

The DFW Connector is a $1.02Bn publicly funded project to rebuild portions of four highways, two interchanges and five bridges north of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. At its widest point, the highway corridor is 24 lanes wide.

Professional Service Industries, Inc. (now know as Intertek – PSI), one of the United States’ largest consulting engineering and testing firms, was awarded the contract to provide Quality Acceptance Testing on the $1.02Bn DFW Connector project. The utilization of the QEST Quality Platform was fundamental in PSI’s ability to meet the speed and quality objectives (such as 24 hour report turnaround times) for the $12m worth of materials testing and inspection on this critical project. “Being able to provide accurate and timely test results is vital to ensuring that a multi-million dollar project like this one stays on schedule, and QESTLab significantly boosts PSI’s ability to do this,” said Professional Service Industries CFO Marshall Hammack.

It is the first time in road building history that a fully integrated, electronic, quality platform comprising of a fully functional construction materials testing LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), always connected mobile devices for the entry of field test information, and a web-based report publishing system with extended reporting and analytical capabilities (the QEST Quality Platform) has been used in a road project. The Platform also integrates with the contractor’s document management system, and the Department of Transportation’s quality system; in this case, the TxDOT’s I2MS system.

The DFW Connector project reached substantial completion in November 2013.

A detailed Case Study about this significant project can be accessed here.