Construction Hive

Reporting Distribution Portal

Document Distribution & Analytics

Real-time updates that connect field operations to the laboratory and office. Interfaces designed for use on mobile devices provide for a quick and easy connection.

Milestone Reporting

Quickly and easily consolidate multiple reports into a single PDF document with an automatically generated table of contents with hyperlinks.

Digital Sealing

Digitally sealing documents in Construction Hive provides assurance of the singer’s identity, non-repudiation of the seal and detection of any attempt to tamper with the document or seal.

Construction Hive

Optimize Report Distribution and Analysis with Construction Hive

Construction Hive is a cloud based platform providing applications for the distribution and analysis of information amongst construction industry participants (such as construction companies, construction material producers, testing consultant laboratories and government agencies). It provides a centralized repository of documents and data (testing and inspection) that is available for analytical reporting and integration.

It has been successfully used for large (>$1B) infrastructure projects in the USA and Australia by leading private and public corporations, and currently has millions of documents under storage and more than 10,000 registered users.

Key Benefits

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