Software solutions for construction materials testing and geotechnical companies,
engineering inspectors, and construction materials producers.

Our Solutions


Our methodical implementation process ensures that your software investment delivers maximum results in efficiency, accuracy, and ongoing opportunities to improve your operations.

Effective Implementations

Live, hands-on training for key users for your uniquely configured system.

Custom Integrations

Customs integrations are available with select financial systems, compression machines, balances and scales.


2021 saw strong growth in construction industries across Australia and North America, however not without difficulties for our customers who were dealing with supply chain …
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MC Squared, Inc. utilizes Spectra QEST software for its Quality Control, Testing and Inspection Services at the Caloosahatchee River West Basin Storage Reservoir (C-43 WBSR) …
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Spectra QEST, a globally leading vendor in technical information management systems for construction materials and geotechnical testing, is pleased to announce a dynamic entry to …
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Spectra QEST is excited to bring to you QEST Platform 5.0. The CMT software platform of choice with the industry’s broadest laboratory and field test method …
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Spectra QEST is pleased to announce the release of QEST Platform 4.94. This release ensures that the QEST Platform remains the most complete product covering …
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Looking back at my message from this time last year, I made the bold statement that we were looking forward to the challenges of 2020 …
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